John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Book Sales

jyb_cover_finalI don’t like to brag and it really is against my nature to do so…but I just couldn’t resist.

After several days of promoting my new eBook, not only have I broken through the almost impenetrable sales threshold of selling into the doubledigits (10 or more), I have actually skyrocketed all the way up to the highest teen number (19!) as of an hour ago.

Now, yeah, sure…that counts my own purchase and my mom’s.

But that doesn’t take away from these staggering runaway sales numbers that now seemed to have leveled off —but fortunately for now anyway– seem to be holding steady and not dropping.

jyb_musingsWhich means…maybe, just maybe, I should hold on to my day job.

On the other hand, the report below tells the tale.

What kind of tale? I’m not so sure. Just a tale where the number 19 is becoming increasingly my favorite new number and a number I haven’t ever given enough of a chance.

Hey, and look at the irony. Even my favorite band, Steely Dan, sang an entire song about the number 19. You and I both know it wasn’t about my eBook sales. But the fact that it could have been, means a lot to me. And makes me really proud in that mysterious, magical, low sales, Karma kind of way…. Very cool. And, again, forgive my hubris! ; )

“Latest report: # Net Units Sold Musings from the Middle 19”


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