John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Bargains

They’re baaaack…..

Like all consumer savvy Americans, I love a bargain…and up to a point enjoy hunting for good bargains.

But –on Sunday’s especially–I sometimes feel stuck in a labyrinth of coupons, rebates, sky miles, reward points, and special seasonal sales.

All I know is that all those Wall Street financail hot shots who had a role in causing the financial crises (and market meltdown) in 2008 had to turn up again somewhere after many lost their jobs.

I believe they now run the rebate/coupon programs for our leading merchandise chains and are employing the same financial slight of hand to my coupon/rebate decisions.

It’s just a gut feeling. But a pretty strong one.

Maybe there is a new service that can shop for those of us too dumb to figure out what deals are really good ones and which ones aren’t. Or at least please put out a new Dummies book on how to take advantage of these great deals. I just hate that it’s got so complicated to buy good products at competitive prices. It’s more about scissors, mailing addresses and online comparative shopping than feeling a melon for bruises at the grocery. I miss the old fashioned tangible stuff.

Can’t you financial wizards find something else to do. ; )


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