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The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Beauty

The Politics of Beauty

Want to really, really spread your political message? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has long gained attention for their cause through provocative campaigns involving scantily clad activists covered only by strategically placed messages (thanks to local and state obscenity laws). Coming in the next few months, however, the message will be a completely “naked” one thanks to Finally, a porn site you can watch with you favorite pet. New Zealand Herald News

Nostalgic for the Cold War-era, comrade? Still rebelling with your CCCP, Marx and “Che” t-shirts? Ever wonder what happened to all of those Lenin statues torn down after the fall of the Soviet Union? Next time you’re in Sofia, Bulgaria, get your fix of Communist-era art at the Museum of Socialist Art, featuring a plethora of state-sponsored propaganda and art that will satisfy your proletariat urges. But try not to get too excited, my little Pioneers. As the Bulgarian Culture Minister said wryly at the opening of the exhibit space last week, “It [is] high time to put communism where it belongs—in a museum.” DAWN.COM

Fashion and style have always been inextricably linked to politics. And the prim and proper, white pearl necklace-wearing Michele Bachmann seems to stand in striking contrast to a long-haired, rap/heavy-metal artist radio show host—until, that is, you notice that his bevy of tattoos include images of Moses, Jesus and the words “Bill of Rights” on his elbow. Bradlee Dean recently stated that President Obama had caused more damage to the United States than Osama bin Laden. Maybe that’s what makes Mrs. Bachmann a fan of the man, and his radio show. The New York Times


The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Fashion

Politics of Fashion

BREAKING NEWS: Mini-mogul Lauren Conrad is launching her own beauty line!   [Fashionista]

Another city, another fashion week! It’s Milan’s turn!   [The National]

Tyra Banks may be coming to a movie theater near you!   [Huffington Post]

If you’ve ever wanted to click your heels in hopes of returning home to Kansas like Judy Garland, it might cost you $2 million dollars! Check it out:   [NY Mag]

Harper’s Bazaar: 10 issues instead of 11?   [WWD]


THE RP’S BREAKING NEWS: The Politics of Default…Again.

The Politics of Default




The drama in the United States Senate on Monday evening may pave the way for an agreement that will fund the Federal government until the end of the current fiscal year. [Washington Post]

Rest in Peace, Owsley Brown

Kentucky lost a giant last night. 

Owsley Brown II, was best known for serving as Chairman and CEO of Brown-Forman, a Fortune 500 corporation, but his enduring legacy will be for doing good, after doing so well. 

Brown was a very active and visible civic leader in Louisville who emerged ultimately as one of Kentucky’s most generous and profilic philathropists — a supporter of the arts, the environment, historic preservation, and hundreds of noble causes, large and small.

Owlsey Brown also happened to be a genuinely warm, steadfastly sincere, and eternally gracious and graceful human being.  I lost a dear friend last night, a mentor, adviser, and champion.  And so did so many other Kentuckians of my generation, whom Owsley so passionately nurtured and lifted upward.  He truly believed in giving back to the community that gave so much to him, and in paying forward all of the support that others had provided him along the way.

I’ve recently bristled at the overuse of the cliche that we should offer the grieving “our thoughts and our prayers.”  But as his widow (an extraordinary civic leader in her own right, Christy Brown) and his whole family mourns Owsley’s loss, I hope each of us will look into our own hearts, explore our individual religious and spiritual traditions, and take meaningful action to honor his memory.

When I learn of Owsley and Christy’s wishes for more formal ways to honor his memory, I will post them here.

The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

After Michael Vick suffered another injury tonight, this time what appears to be a broken hand, the Eagles could potentially devolve into panic. However, is it possible that Vick’s injured status could benefit the Eagles? [ESPN NFC East Blog]

Here is a fun article that compares expanded NCAA football conferences to superhero groups. [Sports Pickle]

Johnny Knox had a fantastic punt return for the Bears on Sunday. Unfortunately for Know and the Bears (who eventually lost to the Packers 27-17) the return was called back due to an odd phantom holding call. [The Big Lead]

Here are some quick hits from around the league on Sunday. [Sports Illustrated]

Here is your game preview for the Monday Night game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. [ESPN]

The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Faith

The Politics of Faith

Saudi Arabia, a country that follows strict Sunni Islamic law, takes a significant step forward in women’s rights by permitting women to vote and to run in municipal elections. [BBC News]

Pope’s visit with Protestant and Muslim leaders in Germany may demonstrate the Vatican’s desire for stronger interfaith relationships. [NY Times]

Can Judaism survive without God?  Some Jews say yes. [Washington Post]

The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of the States

Although large-scale protests seem unlikely at this point, Ohio is set to undergo a battle over public sector unions similar to the fight earlier this year in Wisconsin.

The public union battle that so bitterly divided Wisconsin and New Jersey has a new front: Ohio. This time, however, unions have taken a slightly different tack, putting Senate Bill 5, which eliminates collective bargaining rights for public employee unions. SB 5 was signed into law by Republican governor John Kasich earlier this year, but Ohio allows for referendums on such laws if they meet certain petition requirements; with 1.3 million signatures, the unions passed that benchmark by more than 1 million. The measure to repeal SB 5, which will be voted on on November 8, is currently supported by around 50% of Ohioans, down fron 55% in May. [Huffington Post]

Roughly 10 months into his third non-consecutive term as governor, California Democrat Jerry Brown is “bewildered and stunned” at the behavior of Republicans in the State Legislature, calling them less independent and much more difficult to work with than they were when he was governor in the 1970s and 1980s. Republicans, for their part, have responded by saying that Brown has been less willing to work with them, especially on tax issues, which require a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of the California State Legislature. (In both houses, the Democrats fall two seats short of that margin.) [NY Times]

In Wisconsin, it is estimated that the nine recall elections brought on by the public sector union battle earlier this year cost the state $2.1 million and various campaign committees some $44 million. Part of the cost to Wisconsin, the state’s Democrats contend, came from the fake Democrats that Republicans put up to run, forcing primaries in the six cases when a Republican State Senator was up for recall. Of the six Republicans and three Democrats involved in recall elections, two Republicans lost their seats, leaving a razor-thin, 17-16, Republican majority in that body. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Though the State House of Representatives, Governor Rick Scott, and Tea Party activists opposed the bill, Florida State Senate President Mike Haridopolos (R-Melbourne) has said he will reintroduce an immigration bill that passed the Senate before dying in the House, setting up a confrontation between the two bodies. [St. Petersburg Times]

Although New York State Assembly Republicans remain committed to not returning to the Capitol until the official beginning of a new session in January, Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) has expressed a willingness, admittedly not a particularly strong willingness, to return earlier if that is necessary. In particular, he has said he will come back to work out bills regarding livery cabs and the ever-controversial matter of a healthcare exchange. [Albany Times Union]

California Republicans have upped the ante in working to get new redistricting maps repealed. In an effort to collect a little more than 500,000 signatures by November 14, and thus forcing a vote on the new State Senate districts next June, they have circulated material alleging that allowing the new maps, drawn by a citizens’ commission that was voted into existence back in November, would lead to crippling tax increases. The effort has already raised around $500,000, including some $188,000 from the State GOP. [Sacramento Bee]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s press secretary, Cullen Werwie, was granted immunity in a state investigation, it was recently revealed. The Republican governor and his aides are under fire for improper use of state funds for campaigning, charges which culminated in a raid earlier this month of a Madison home. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

Jeff Smith: Boehner losing control of the house?

God bless him. I’m not sure anyone could control that bunch. But he’s definitely not the guy to do it – all lobbied up, consummate dealcutting insider, the cigars, slick suits, and golf outings…he’s about as temperamentally unsuited to manage the new teapublicans as anybody in the caucus since Chris Shays left.

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The RP’s BREAKING News: The Politics of the Media

The London riots are continuing to make news in the United Kingdom. The Scotland Yard recently served British media outlets like the BBC with orders to hand over hundreds of hours of unbroadcast footage from the riots this summer. [The Guardian UK]

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