The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Beauty

The Politics of Beauty

Want to really, really spread your political message? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has long gained attention for their cause through provocative campaigns involving scantily clad activists covered only by strategically placed messages (thanks to local and state obscenity laws). Coming in the next few months, however, the message will be a completely “naked” one thanks to Finally, a porn site you can watch with you favorite pet. New Zealand Herald News

Nostalgic for the Cold War-era, comrade? Still rebelling with your CCCP, Marx and “Che” t-shirts? Ever wonder what happened to all of those Lenin statues torn down after the fall of the Soviet Union? Next time you’re in Sofia, Bulgaria, get your fix of Communist-era art at the Museum of Socialist Art, featuring a plethora of state-sponsored propaganda and art that will satisfy your proletariat urges. But try not to get too excited, my little Pioneers. As the Bulgarian Culture Minister said wryly at the opening of the exhibit space last week, “It [is] high time to put communism where it belongs—in a museum.” DAWN.COM

Fashion and style have always been inextricably linked to politics. And the prim and proper, white pearl necklace-wearing Michele Bachmann seems to stand in striking contrast to a long-haired, rap/heavy-metal artist radio show host—until, that is, you notice that his bevy of tattoos include images of Moses, Jesus and the words “Bill of Rights” on his elbow. Bradlee Dean recently stated that President Obama had caused more damage to the United States than Osama bin Laden. Maybe that’s what makes Mrs. Bachmann a fan of the man, and his radio show. The New York Times



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