The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Wellness

CNN looks at the 30 year anniversary of HIV/AIDS being cited in a medical publication, through the eyes of literature professor and activist Edmund White. [CNN]

Should kids under 13 be allowed to use Facebook? [Time]

The number of sex-selective abortions in India is on the rise, and experts say that this is due to the increase in wealth and literacy rates in the country. The “missing girl” crisis is creating a population imbalance that will affect India for years to come. [NY Times]

It’s 2011, and the stem cell debate is raging even harder than ever. [Newsweek]

Stay away from the Four Loko. Even though the caffeinated alcoholic beverage banned in some states and the makers recently removed caffeine from its recipe, experts say it’s still dangerous. [Huffington Post]


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