The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Love

The Politics of Love

“The Project for Excellence in Journalism” sounds like an anachronistic oxymoron in the age of the blogosphere, a 24 hour news cycle and Fox News (there, I said it). In a case in point, the organization took a look at blog links during a week with two significant and historical events: the death of Bin Laden and the break up of the Schwarzenegger / Kennedy marriage. Can you guess which story actually led the blogs?

Is there rehab for an addiction to love (cue Robert Palmer video here)? Apparently, should you need it, there is help: Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. Rather than putting the rabbit in the pan in response to unrequited love and poor romantic choices, you can 12 Step it! Being a website about “recovery,” however, your correspondent is skeptical that an “addiction” to love qualifies as a disease in the sense of alcohol and drug addiction, but you decide! The Fix

Finally, happy Friday to all, and the RP wishes everyone a happy, joyous and free life filled with serenity and Real Love. Have a
great Memorial Day weekend.


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