The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

In a very important ruling New York judge Gary Brown has concluded that IP addresses are not enough to identify people as copyright infringers. [TorrentFreak]

A new study has found that you are more likely to pick up a computer virus form visiting a website based on a religion than from going to a pornographic website. “’It is interesting to note that websites hosting adult/pornographic content are not in the top five, but ranked tenth,’ Symantec said in the report.” [Raw Story]

Harvard and MIT have joined forces to offer free online education courses that could lead to obtaining a “certificate of mastery.” This is exciting news for anyone even slightly interested in continuing education. With the rising costs of post-secondary education in the US anything that is stamped FREE is automatically worth checking out. [NY Times]

A video game project on the Kickstarter website has been exposed as a scam. This is leading many people to wonder is Kickstarter is doing enough to vet projects before letting the public have access to them. [BBC]

ISPs in the UK have been ordered to block The Pirate Bay website from their users. Here is more info. [Telegraph]


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