The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

You may remember several news stories coming out a while back regarding Foxconn, a manufacturer in China that makes primarily Apple products and Xbox 360s. They are back in the news as a group of workers recently threatened mass suicide. [The Atlantic]

Here is an update on the German hacker space program that would bring us uncensored Internet from space. [PopSci]

Twitter has been ordered by the US DoJ to hand over the account information of people thought to have connections to controversial whistle-blower Wikileaks. [Mashable]

A leaked internal memo has suggested that RIM, Nokia, and Apple provide governments backdoor access to their devices. [Slashdot]

Google, Facebook, and Twitter could be in talks to coordinate a blackout in opposition of SOPA. [TIME]

Finally, a super-cool story about a girl that snuck into a Russian military rocket facility. Check out the pictures she took, they really are amazing. [Gizmodo]


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