The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

Many people across the web vowed to boycott domain-register over their support of SOPA. Last week the count was around 72,000 domains lost. [Techi]

The comedian Louis CK recently sold his THING on his website for $5. His goal was to prove it could be done cheaply, DRM free, and on the Internet. It generated $1 million in 12 days so it seems he was successful. [LouisCK]

Italy has fined Apple $1.2 million over their Applecare Protection Plan. Italy has a law that requires companies to provide 2 years of free support. [TechCrunch]

This is what a 5MB hard drive looked like in 1956. I write this as I save the image to my 1TB hard drive that fits in the palm of my hand. [TheNextWeb]

LG’s new 84-inch LCD TV is stunning. [engadget]

For fun: some odd tech industry job interview questions. [BBC]



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