The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tech

The Politics of Tech

Back in May I wrote about the Blackberry Pi, a fully-functioning computer that could fit on a USB stick. Now, developer David Braben has announced that his brainchild will enter alpha production and would cost $25, with the possibility of $35 model. How exciting! []

In another update of a previous story, Google has begun construction of their 1 Gbps fiber network in Kansas City. They hope to offer the high-speed service in early 2012. We should all hope for a solid and efficient launch so Google can start rolling these out in more places! [Google Blog]

It’s becoming more and more clear that ISPs are giving us, the consumers, the raw end of the deal. Everything indicates that their costs are dropping and yet, we continue to pay ever-increasing costs. Many ISPs are also eyeing the possibility of capping the data/bandwidth they offer. Internet speed, availability and cost are areas in which America lags behind many other industrialized countries (namely Japan and South Korea). This is something that needs to change. [TechCrunch]

A great concept: Google+ Venn Diagrams. The solution to when you want to share something with people in two different circles. [Techno-anthropology]


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