The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Pigskin

The Politics of Pigskin

The Falcons were handed their first loss of the season Sunday in New Orleans, dropping them to 8-1. [ESPN]

All the NFL statisticians groaned on Sunday when the 49ers-Rams game ended in the infamous tie, at 24-24. [SI]

As the Eagles’ season continues to spiral towards irrelevancy Michael Vick was knocked out of Sunday’s game against the Cowboys with a concussion. While Nick Foles will get the start behind the injury, it doesn’t appear that he is ready to lead this team to anything special. [ESPN]

Apparently Mike Holmgren is ready to get back on the sidelines. This report states he is interested in the Dallas Cowboys Head Coach position. []

Parity in the NFL in 2012. How to read the chart: Going clockwise, the scoreline between the two teams is one beating the other, and so on. [chart]

Could the Browns change up one of the league’s more iconic uniforms? Their players hope so. [PFT]




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