The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Media

You had to be buried in the sand if you didn’t hear the bombshell news of the weekend: David Petraeus, retired four-star general, resigned as director of the CIA following a lengthy affair with his biographer uncovered by an FBI investigation.

The Politics of Media

Petraeus’ exit came as a shock to many in Congress and it appears some (as high up as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor) did know of this affair and its possible — now real — ramifications. [Roll Call]

It wasn’t his first “affair.” Howard Kurtz said his first affair — “other seduction” — was with the press. [CNN]

Following strong election coverage, MSNBC is gaining ratings ground on Fox News. [NYT]

The Christian Science Monitor asks: “Is the death of newspapers the end of good citizenship?” [CSM]

Post-election infighting has begun on the right. Which sides will win out over the future of the GOP? [POLITICO]



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