The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Tunes

The Politics of Music

Beyonce  went on American  Idol last week and sang her  new song.  It’s called 1+1, and I think it’s the best thing she’s done in years. [American Idol]

Lady Gaga’s album dropped last week.  This is  its latest single.  You’ve likely  already heard it a billion times on the radio already. [Judas]

My Morning Jacket’s new CD  comes out today, its called Circuital.  This song is also called that.  [Circuital]

I don’t listen to a lot of country music, but Brad Paisley’s new  album, This Is Country Music, is quite good.  Here is a song from that album, featuring the song’s namesake.  [Eastwood]

Speaking of  Clint Eastwood, Daniele Lupi–who made his name writing music for spaghetti westerns–recorded an album with Danger Mouse entitled Rome, which  features vocal  talent by Norah Jones and Jack White.  It’s my favorite  album of the month.  [Two Against One]

The music world lost  a great  one last week with the passing of Gil Scott-Heron.  Here is my favorite recording he ever did.  [The Revolution Will Not Be Televised]

While a great man passed, another great man celebrated his 70th year of life last week.  Here are a bunch of  people covering a great song by that man–Bob Dylan.  [Pearl Jam] [Don McLean] [The Roots] [Staple Singers]


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