The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Food

The Politics of Food

Toro, the fatty cut of flesh from the belly of a blue-fin tuna, is often the most expensive item at a sushi restaurant.  Eat it while you can, because increasing demand, overconsumption, and unregulated fishing may lead the species to extinction.  On second thought, maybe all sushi-lovers should refuse to eat it and opt instead for more sustainable species. []

LivingSocial is launching a gourmet food events service aimed at offering foodies unique and exclusive dining opportunities. [Fox News]

If you went to McDonald’s and ordered a happy meal, would you be happy to find apples, but fewer french fries?  Some fast food chains are making changes to help their customers eat healthier meals. Some aren’t happy with the changes and view them as taking away their right of choice. [NPR]

The RP’s Recipe of the Week: Creamy Delicata Squash Soup.  Fall/winter varieties of squash are packed with vitamins and fiber. []  While this cream-based soup may not be the healthiest way to eat squash, it definitely is a delicious way to eat it.  This is an easy recipe, and the butternut or acorn varieties can be used in place of delicata squash.


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