WTF – Lexington Herald-Leader?




I was greeted this morning by a letter to the editor in my hometown paper, the Lexington Herald-Leader that repeated a variety of bizarre conspiracy theories (including the one where Bush and Cheney ordered the 9/11 attacks) and ended with this highly offensive line:

A continuation of 5,700-plus years of Jews buying their host country’s leadership in the name of a non-existing God of Abraham.

Click here to read the full letter to the editor.

There’s no one who feels more strongly about the sacred nature of our First Amendment rights.  I support anyone’s freedom to spew hateful, bigoted trash like this.

But there is no obligation on the part of the Lexington Herald-Leader to publish such offensiveness.  Indeed, with all of the letters I imagine that fill their in boxes every day, I would imagine that they wouldn’t have room for such an blatant anti-Semitic rant.

I’m hopeful that we will hear an explanation or an apology soon from the paper’s leadership.


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