Win 2 UK Basketball Tickets in The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief “Breaking Bad” Contest

Call me a glutton for Los Pollos Hermanos and the blue crystal, but I believe that Breaking Bad is not only the best television show in the medium’s history — it eaked by The Sopranos in its extraordinary, explosive, Gus “Face Off” Season 4 finale — but that it is simply the best thing that has ever appeared on any video medium, be it the telly, film, Web streaming or even RPTV.

And I mean it.

So like many of you, I’m counting down the minutes until the Series Finale this Sunday night at 9:00 PM.

The suspense is eating at me like acid in a bathtub. Will Walt live?  Will Jesse escape the Neo-Nazis and then call them “bitches”?  Will Lydia and Todd consummate their uber-bizarre flirtation? Will Hank rise from the dead?  Will “Better Call” Saul open a vaccum cleaning store in Nebraska? Will Walt Jr. legally change his name to Flynn? Will Holly reveal herself as a dwarf imposter? Will Huell EVER LEAVE THAT HOTEL ROOM?

Best yet — will Walt turn himself in, enter witness protection, and start a new family — with a Final Big Reveal:  Breaking Bad was merely the prequel to Malcolm in the Middle?

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Let us know what you think in the comments section below — and for those of you who subscribe to The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief (KPB) — be prepared to win big prizes in the KPB’s “Breaking Bad” contest:

  1. The KPB subscriber whose predictions most closely track the actual series finale will win my awesome two lower-level Rupp Arena tickets to the University of Kentucky’s home basketball game against UNC Asheville on Friday, November 8.
  2. The KPB subscriber whose predictions are so funny, that they make our trusted panel of RPs (Myself, Michael Steele, Jeff Smith, Rod Jetton and John Y. Brown, III) laugh the loudest, will win autographed copies of both The Recovering Politician’s Twelve Step Program to Survive Crisis AND John Y. Brown, III’s Musings from the Middle.

Rules of entry:

Click on the flag to sign up for The RP's Kentucky Political Brief

Click on the flag to sign up for The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief

1.  Only subscribers to The RP’s Kentucky Political Brief (KPB) can enter.  If you haven’t subscribed, it’s easy and it’s FREE: Click here, fill out the form, and you will receive a FREE email in your inbox every weekday morning with all of the latest Kentucky political news — on Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Alison Lundergan Grimes, Steve Beshear — every link to every important story in this exciting election season.

2. To win, you must make your entry in the comments section of this post, below.

3. Only one serious entry and one funny entry per person.

4. All entries must be submitted below on this post by 8:30 PM EDT, Sunday, September 29.

5.  The winning entry for the UK tickets will be determined solely at the discretion of Jonathan Miller, using his subjective review.  Hint: A critical determination in the accuracy of your entry will be in predicting who dies in the episode, and at whose hands they perish.  In particular, a detailed description of Walt’s fate will be essential.

6.  The winning funny entry will be determined solely at the discretion of the RPs listed above.  Hint:  While we are all in middle age; our senses of humor run much younger.

7.  If you are a Breaking Bad cast or crew member or a relative of show creator Vince Gilligan, not only will your entry be disqualified, but for ruining the surprise, I WILL BE THE ONE WHO KNOCKS AT YOUR DOOR.


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