Who Will Survive the “Breaking Bad” To’hajiilee Standoff?

When we last left episode 5.13, “To’hajilee” of “Breaking Bad,” we were left with a tense cliffhanger — who would survive the standoff between the Neo-Nazi allies of Walter White and DEA law enforcement — with Walter and his former partner, now-bitter enemy, Jessee PInkman, in the crossfire?

We know from the flash-forwards at the beginning of the season that Walter survives.  But what about Jesse?  Walter’s DEA brother-in-law, Hank?  Hank’s loyal partner Gomez?

My initial thought was that only Gomez would die — it is too early and too banal for Jesse and Hank, now the series’ moral centers, to perish.

But how would it be possible, given the Neo-Nazi’s massive weaponry, for only Gomez to survive?

So my bet is on a truce being reached, with no deaths.  What say you?

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