Two Months In, and It’s Been a Great Journey

It’s hard to believe that The Recovering Politician completes in second full month today.

With 18 contributing recovering politicians, 8 Friends of RP, and 9 outstanding staff writers, we’ve produced more than 300 posts filled with news, entertainment, opinion, and hopefully a bit of humor.

Of course, ever the impatient expansionist (I haven’t fully recovered from politics yet), I will continue to explore ways to improve upon this Web site.

In the coming weeks, we will feature a few new contributing RPs.  The next two are nationally known political figures, one from each major party. (Hint:  They both have been answers to recent New York Times crossword puzzles.)

Further, as our writing crew gets gigs at other publications, we’ll be doing more cross-posting.  For example, I’m now writing for The Huffington Post and co-hosting No Labels Radio; Jeff Smith is a contributor to Politico’s Arena, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is blogging for The Atlantic.  Of course, each of us will be offering plenty of original material at The Recovering Politician as well.

And since yesterday’s Memorial Day experiment was so successful, expect us on occasion to enlist our readers to contribute their thoughts on the site’s home page.  If you were one of the lucky outdoors and away from the Web yesterday, take a scroll down yesterday’s postings.  I think you will find a great deal of inspiring, eloquent tributes to some true American heroes.

So, two months in, the journey continues.  We hope you are enjoying the ride.


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