Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

While The Recovering Politician‘s primary contributors are former elected officials who’ve entered the second act of their lives, it’s certainly true there are so many other folks in other walks of life that have stories of recovery that can enlighten and entertain the rest of us.  And it’s clear that politics infects every line of work, be it academia, the law, or even the clergy.

That’s why tomorrow, we launch a new feature — Friends of RP: great storytellers from a wide variety of fields who will share their tales of recovery, as well as comment on their fascinating areas of expertise and interest.

Thursday, we will spotlight a college professor who was caught in the middle of a highly-publicized tenure battle: On one side his department and the student body; on the other, the university administration, guided by anonymous critics.  It is a story that illuminates larger truths about how anonymous voices can sometimes drown out reason and intellect.

Tomorrow, I also will unveil my hidden expertise as a music critic. Well, not really…You’ll just have to tune in to find out.  See you (virtually) in the morning.


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