Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

I am very grateful to all of you that shared your kind words about my gay marriage piece this morning.  I am also very grateful to those of you who disagreed with me, but responded civilly to my piece.

That’s what The Recovering Politician is all about.

I want to assure my more conservative readers that this Web site is very much an open forum for all points of view on this and other issues.  I’ve asked a few contributing RPs who oppose marriage equality to share their thoughts in the next few days.

Also, another sign of our bipartisanship — tomorrow’s guest on RPTV is Mark McKinnon, George W. Bush’s former campaign manager.  He will talk about developments in the 2012 GOP primary, and his helping found an organization dedicated to encouraging more Democrats and Republican to work together to solve this nation’s problems.

So please tune in tomorrow!


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