Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

Friday we have some big doin’s at The Recovering Politician.

First, at 8:30 AM, we debut our 15th (15th!) contributing RP.  He was a longtime, very popular statewide officeholder, who came from a political dynasty in his state.  He shot twice for higher office, but each time lost narrowly in the primary, once to someone named Barack Obama.  He will share his expertise on today’s economy, and his reflections on his once rival, now friend, the President of the United States.

Later, since Carte Goodwin’s piece on his four month tour of the United States Senate proved so popular, Friday’s Video Flashback will focus on his first week in office.  Watch what you read about on Friday.

Finally, Jeff Smith will update his Wednesday piece on redistricting with some breaking news on the controversy in Missouri.

And of course, Weekly Web Gems…Whew!

See you tomorrow.  And if you celebrate Cinquo de Maio, don’t sleep in too late so as to not miss all the fun.


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