Tomorrow at The Recovering Politician

Tomorrow, we are very excited to add to our contributing roster our first former United States Senator.  His term was quite memorable, albeit very short — he served for four months to fill the vacancy of a true legend of that august body.

Still a very young man, he has quite a future ahead of him.  Time magazine this year named him last year to its super-prestigious “40 Under 40″ list of rising political stars

SPOILER ALERT:  Clicking on the previous link will ruin the surprise of his big reveal tomorrow. 

Whoops, you already clicked?  Sorry.  Please don’t tell your friends.

By the way, you Jeff Smith fanboys/gals out there:  His piece on election reform that we promised today got delayed 24 hours.  You can read it in its full glory tomorrow.

See you on Hump Day!


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