The RP’s Weekly Web Gems: The Politics of Hoops

The Politics of Hoops

Despite a lack of true post players, the USA Olympic team looks primed for another gold medal run in London. [ESPN]

Picture Dirk in a jersey that doesn’t say Dallas. As painful as it is, you might want to prepare yourself. The big man claims he’s “too old” for a team that’s rebuilding. [CBS]

Krzyzewski has always been hesitant to pull the trigger on transfers – but when he does, they’re good. Is Rodney Hood the next Blue Devil success story? [Yahoo]

Whether you support it, think it’s too strict, or not strict enough, only one thing is for certain: nothing is for certain when it comes to the future of basketball’s “one-and-done” rule. [ESPN]

A College of Charleston senior will be lacing them up for the home team in this summer’s Olympic games. [CBS]


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