The RP: My One-Year Anniversary Coming Out for Marriage Equality

One year ago today, I came out for gay marriage.

In my inaugural column for The Huffington Post, I revealed that I had always supported marriage equality, but that it was impossible to advocate for the cause and remain a viable statewide politician in my Bible Belt state.

Announcing my support for gay marriage was one of the proudest moments of my political recovery.

Today, I celebrate my anniversary with a new column at The Huffington Post. Here’s an excerpt:

The President’s announcement is indeed the tipping point for the most important civil rights cause in a generation.

Because Obama made his voice heard, many other Americans will feel more comfortable in proclaiming their support for marriage equality.  Still others will take another close look at the issue.  When they understand that most of the counter-arguments are simply illogical — gay marriage doesn’t threaten traditional marriage; it doesn’t lead to bigamy and bestiality;  it doesn’t undermine family values — they will join our cause as well.

And when support for marriage equality grows from a small majority today to an overwhelming majority in the coming months, there will be no stopping the momentum in state legislatures across the country into making marriage equality a reality for all Americans.

In the 24 hours since the President’s announcement, I’ve already been surprised by some who’ve joined the gay marriage bandwagon. While I knew that Dick Cheney was on board, I had no idea about Bush speechwriter David Frum, or even that my friend, fellow No Labels co-founder, and Bush-Cheney campaign manager Mark McKinnon was a marriage equality advocate.  Mazel Tov, Mark!

Read the full article by clicking here.

And today, I also ask you to  join me.  If you are so inclined, in the comments section below, please indicate your support for marriage equality. And then using all of your social media tools — Facebook, Twitter, Google +, email, etc., please share your message with the world.

Harvey Milk, perhaps history’s most influential gay rights advocate, was right: When more gays and lesbians came out of the closet — and the rest of us began to realize that friends and even loved ones were gay; that gay men and women too can do “heroic things” — the stigma wore off, and it became politically and personally unacceptable to preach gay hatred.

Similarly, when more people discover that those they respect support gay marriage, it will help lead us on a path to full equality.

Now that the President is on board, I urge you to join me today.  Together, we can make a real difference.


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