The RP in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal…

It’s a tough day to be a recovering politician…

Just when he thought it was safe to get his political ego in check, the RP appears in two of the largest, most prominent publications in the country.

First, the Wall Street Journal online version re-published the RP’s “Debt Ceiling for Dummies” piece which appeared earlier on this site and last night at The Huffington Post.

Then, the Washington Post, via its popular political columnist, Chris Cillizza (aka, “the Fix”) name-dropped the RP when discussing the rapid rise of No Labels, the new grassroots movement uniting Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who believe that on occasion we need to put aside our labels to do what’s right for the country:

Given all of the above, advocates of a third party — or at the very least another viable option in the 2012 presidential race — seem to be sprouting up all over.

The two most prominent are Americans Elect, a group aimed at winning ballot access for an eventual third-party candidate, and No Labels, an organization filled with high-profile names — including former George W. Bush media consultant Mark McKinnon and former Kentucky state treasurer Jonathan Miller — designed as an online home for the politically disaffected. “If you build it (ballot access), they (candidates and voters) will come,” McKinnon said in an e-mail.

No Labels says it advocates for bipartisan solutions to problems and not a third-party presidential candidate.

Click here for the full Washington Post piece.

Please note that the RP — like the No Labels movement in general — is not an advocate of a third party or a third-party presidential candidate.  He was an early supporter of Barack Obama in 2008 and remains a strong supporter of his reelection.  Other No Labels members support one or another of the GOP presidential candidates.  They all agree, however, that particularly in light of today’s extraordinary debt ceiling crisis, it is important that we come together in times of national import to arrive at bipartisan compromise in the country’s interest.

Finally, the RP’s beautiful tribute to Diana Ross — his friend and the mother of the victim of domestic violent murder — was reprinted in today’s Lexington Herald-Leader.

Enjoy the great reads, and take our advice:  Avoid the RP today at all costs; his recovery from the limelight is suffering from a significant test.


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