Sign Petition to Thank KY Auditor Adam Edelen for Leadership on Marriage Equality

An historic week for equality in my old (conservative) Kentucky home…

Despite the fact that a recently released 2012 poll showed that support for marriage equality among Kentucky voters dramatically trailed the national average at an embarrassing 33% approval clip (although, I imagine that has ticked higher in the intervening few months), leading statewide elected officials are courageously coming forward to endorse marriage equality.

Early yesterday LEO Weekly magazine’s Joe Sonka broke the news that Kentucky’s Lt. Governor, Jerry Abramson, became the first active statewide official to endorse marriage equality.

Within a few hours, state Auditor Adam Edelen bravely took the plunge as well.  Edelen declared his support for marriage equality because:

“I believe equal protection of the law and equality of opportunity are central to the American experiment and they ought to apply to every American.”

Read the full LEO Weekly piece here.

(And let’s give Joe Sonka some mad props for his simple, but groundbreaking questioning.  Tweet at the dirty liberal columnist: @JoeSonka)

But most of all, please join me in expressing our support and gratitude to Auditor Adam Edelen for his courageous public statement by signing on to this petition below:

Thanks Auditor Edelen for Supporting Marriage Equality!


150 signatures

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Latest Signatures
150Daniel LakampNewport, KyNov 18, 2013
149Ron MettsLou., KYMay 28, 2013
148K. A. CzerwonkaLouisville, KYMay 28, 2013
147Jennifer FugateLost Creek, KentuckyMay 01, 2013
146Annie GriggsKYApr 24, 2013
145Michele Hager-Harrison-PradoLouisville, KYApr 17, 2013
144Wendi SachsLouisville, KYApr 17, 2013
143Jimmy PhelpsVersailles, KYApr 15, 2013
142Amy CraigOakland, CaliforniaApr 13, 2013
141Kim and Jesse McKnightDanville, CAApr 13, 2013
140Shirley MiddletonFrankfort, KYApr 13, 2013
139Dorothy FieldsLexington, KentuckyApr 13, 2013
138Sherman BrownLouisville, KYApr 12, 2013
137Rip RinehartApr 12, 2013
136Wanda HaleGeorgetown, KyApr 11, 2013
135Caroline SteeleApr 11, 2013
134Kristi WeaverLexington, KentuckyApr 11, 2013
133Alvin GoldmanLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
132Patricia EcklerAthens, IllinoisApr 11, 2013
131Tiffany HyattSimpsonville, KYApr 11, 2013
130Sterling EricssonLincoln, NebraskaApr 11, 2013
129Ken HerndonApr 11, 2013
128Ron SarverLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
127Donna JasieBlacksburg, VirginiaApr 11, 2013
126Blake WilkinsonLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
125Becky BearApr 11, 2013
124Landra LewisBerea, KYApr 11, 2013
123S. BrownrobieLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
122Maurie McGarveyPaducah, KYApr 11, 2013
121Dr. Steven GoldsteinLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
120Allan CourtneyLexington, KentuckyApr 11, 2013
119Julie LyonsNicholasville, KentuckyApr 11, 2013
118Jenniferm MillerLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
117Bruce MaplesLouisville, KYApr 11, 2013
116Dee Dee EdmondsonBoston, MAApr 11, 2013
115Alison CourtneyLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
114wenda collisnseattle, WashingtonApr 11, 2013
113Evalynne EliasLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
112Kathryn HuntPhoenix, AZApr 11, 2013
111Fred WorshamLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
110Mahri BahatiLouisville, KentuckyApr 11, 2013
109Walt EctonLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
108Isaac KursLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
107Paula Lewislexington, kyApr 11, 2013
106Tom Tolliver-McGloneLexington, KYApr 11, 2013
105Andrew CallisApr 11, 2013
104Evelyn SuttonLouisville, KyApr 11, 2013
103Judy KiefferPotomac, MDApr 11, 2013
102Rhonda HenryLexington, KentuckyApr 11, 2013
101Emily TamasLaGrange, KyApr 11, 2013


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