Prizes Announced for “No Bracket, No Pay II” NCAA Hoops Forecasting Challenge

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Already a few dozen people across the country have signed up for “No Bracket, No Pay II” — The Recovering Politician’s second annual contest for college hoops forecasting mastery.  It was enough for them to try to match hoops forecasting some recovering politicians.

But some of you wanted added incentives.  So we are offering at least 2 exciting prizes to the winning entry:

1. A No LabelsMake the Presidency Work” book, signed by former Clinton and Obama Chief of Staff William Daley and former Bush II Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

2. A copy of John Y. Brown, III’s new book, “Musings from the Middle,” autographed by the author!

You can be assured that NO OTHER NCAA BRACKETS CONTEST is offering those 2 prizes.

To read up on the the latest of the “No Budget, No Pay” proposal by No Labels, and how it applies to the presidency, please click here.

And most importantly, click here to sign up for No Bracket, No Pay II, and fill out your brackets today!

Good luck!


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