Next Week at The Recovering Politician

Beginning Monday, we will introduce the final set of inaugural contributing RPs.  While more will join us in the future, next week’s Big 3 will round out our Sweet Eighteen — the first, the proud, the literary.

Next week’s gang will include two former Congressman, one GOP and one Democrat.  On Monday, you will meet someone who held the most powerful position in the land (at least in the RP’s household): State Treasurer.  He has no regrets of leaving politics, and he talks about how easy his recovery has been.

On Tuesday, we have a particularly fun RPTV Fifteen Minutes of Fame, featuring a real Renaissance Woman, both a nationally-respected advocate for corporate governance and a popular family movie critic.  And she’s got a great sense of humor.

So enjoy your Derby weekend.  And remember, if you are looing for a good pick — or at least a good laugh, read what 20 RP contributors have to say about the Run for the Roses.


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