Next Week at The Recovering Politician

Thanks for another incredible week at The Recovering Politician.  We are so grateful for all of your support, compliments, and good ideas.

We even appreciate your complaints.  And we are addressing them.

One of them comes from the RP’s household.  The RP, as you may know, is not the Speaker of his House, and he’s barely the minority leader:  Mrs. RP, the two RPettes, and even the RPcanine is female.

While the site’s introduced two superstar female contributing RP thus far — Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and Lisa Borders — the site has had, let’s say, a testosteroneal (?) imbalance.

So next week, we are playing makeup.  Three — count ’em 3 — outstanding contributing recovering politicians, all with both X chromosomes fully in place.

Wednesday, we feature a former Democratic State Representative who took a shot for statewide office and was swept up in the GOP tide.  Friday, you’ll hear from a former Republican metropolitan city councilwoman, who left an outstanding career to join the private sector.

But first, on Monday, you will meet a highly-regarded former New York City councilwoman, who engaged in a highly publicized political battle over education reform, lost an election, but has now become a national leader in pursuing her reform passions from the private sector.  Her first piece may challenge some of your common conceptions of public education.

On RPTV Tuesday, I will interview one of the smartest policy minds in the Republican party: a prolific writer, a frequent television commentator, and one of the most respected expertsof either in Washington.  While you might disagree with his opinions (and I do on occasion), you will respect his views and how he approaches the issues.  Kind of the essence of what we are trying to accomplish here at The Recovering Politician.

And of course, a whole lot more.

I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend, both religious (Good Friday, Easter, Passover), and secular (Earth Day).  See you on Monday!


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