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Ashley Judd versus Mitch McConnell?

Here’s today’s latest news on potentially the hottest race in the 2014 cycle from The Recovering Politician‘s KY Political Brief:

MCCONNELL 2014 — Confirmation: Matthew Bevin considering GOP primary run against Sen. McConnell, asks for feedback – Insider Louisville – Quoting Bevin spokesperson: “As a point of clarification, Matt has made no final decision with respect to this race. He has, however, met in recent weeks with various individuals and groups who have expressed their frustration with their current representation in Washington, D.C. and have encouraged him to consider entering the race. … As a married father of nine, active businessman and long time resident, Matt, like many Kentuckians, wants to ensure that his children’s futures are as bright as his were as a boy. To that end, he has always been open to listening to a wide range of ideas for charting a better path forward. That is what he is doing at this time.” [Insider Louisville]

Matt who? Tea Party vets upset with potential McConnell primary challenger – WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold – “… A potential tea party challenge by Bevins elicited consternation from some Kentucky tea party leaders who lashed out at him on Facebook. “Would this business owner taking taxpayer money to rebuild his business after a fire be considered to support limited government, free-markets, fiscal responsibility? What happen to his business insurance coverage?” asked John T. Kemper of the United Kentucky Tea Party. Kemper has pledged to secure a well-funded tea party candidate to challenge McConnell in the 2014 race.” [WHAS]

Katrina vanden HeuvelMitch McConnell faces a difficult reelection [The Washington Post]

WILL JUDD RUN? — Judd should talk to Beshear and other Democrats about Senate candidacy, Stumbo says – Enquirer’s Scott Wartman – ““If I were her, one of the first things I would do if I were considering that race would be to contact the governor,” Stumbo said. “Now, when we discussed this with the governor last week, he indicated that he’s not had that contact yet. And I would hope if she were really serious, not stop with him but talk to other democratic leaders both in the legislature and throughout the state in the constitutional offices, because I think there are some things we could suggest to her that might help her as she formulated her campaign.”” [Enquirer]

Christian Science Monitor: Does Ashley Judd scare Mitch McConnell? [CSM]


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