The RP is on The Daily Show TONIGHT


Yep, you read that right.


Tonight at 11:00 PM EST, I will be appearing on one of my all-time favorite television programs: The Daily Show, starring Jon Stewart, on Comedy Central.

Daily Show correspondent Al Madrigal interviewed me this summer at the No Labels headquarters in Washington, DC for a segment on hyper-partisanship.  I had planned to make a passionate case for Make Congress Work, our 12-point plan to help transform Washington from hyper-partisanship to problem solving.

Of course, this is Comedy Central.  And we spent about three hours in an “interview” that can only be characterized as a comedy improv session.

I had to comply with 2 rules: No jokes. No laughing.

And that was a lot more difficult than it sounds — Madrigal and his crew are really, really funny.

The scariest part about tonight’s airing is that I have no idea what parts of the interview survived the editing floor.  And if you have ever seen the pretaped segments on The Daily Show, you can anticipate a whole lot of making fun of… yours truly.

If you’d like to experience the show with me — virtually speaking — I will be running a live feed of my spontaneous tweets here at this site as the show runs tonight at 11.  You can join me with your comments, critiques, and put downs (keep it civil!) by using the hashtag #RecoveringPol from your personal Twitter account.  Your comments will appear live aside mine here at The Recovering Politician home page.

If you are fast asleep at 11 — don’t worry, there will be many other chances to watch me implode on national television.

The show will re-run again tomorrow (Friday, November 16) at 1:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM (all EST).  And, of course, I will have the clip up here at The Recovering Politician as soon as technology permits.

So join me tonight (or tomorrow) on The Daily Show.  It could be the last time you will ever see me in public…


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