Calling all Readers: Two Chances to Write for the RP

As the dog days of August trudge onward, there’s one universal truth:

We are all sick to death of politics.

So, beginning next week, and proceeding the week after, like any good politico, The Recovering Politician will temporarily change its format to reflect the prevailing public mood.  But unlike too many politicians these days, we are also soliciting your help.

Next week — the week of August 15 — we will be celebrating Politics-Free Week at The Recovering Politician There will be no talk of anything policy or politics oriented, as we focus on everything else under the sun.

And you, the RP Nation, are invited to join us.  If you are game, please send us your best Top 5 pop culture list by Saturday night, August 13 to

(Don’t know what we’re talking about?  Check out the RP’s Half-Lettermans for guidance:  Favorite Breakup SongsFavorite Hoops Books, Most Jew-ish GentilesFavorite “Docs” who Weren’t DoctorsPretty Boys I Begrudgingly AdmireGuilty PleasuresPop Music Lyrics, Awful TV Shows with Terrific Theme Songs, and Most Romantic Screen Scenes in the Rain.)

Then the following week, the week of August 22, we will dedicate the site every day to what’s wrong with politics and how it can be fixed.

Of course, we want to hear from you as well.  Please send us your essays on how to fix the American political system — one specific part, or the whole darn thing (1500 words or less) — by Saturday night, August 20 to

August may be dull, hot, and humid.  But with your help, The Recovering Politician will experience a cool breeze of fun dialogue and fresh ideas for the nation’s future.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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