BREAKING: The RP Announces Bid for Governor…in 2037

This past weekend, the RP showed up as a guest on “Kentucky Newsmakers,” the long running talk show hosted by living legend Bill Bryant.  The RP waxed nostalgically about his career in politics and shared his vision for The Recovering Politician. 

Inadvertently, he also made some news when Bryant asked him about his political future:  The RP announced his bid for Governor in 2037, with running mate, John Y. Brown, IV, the 17-year-old son of contributing RP John Y. Brown, III.  Watch the interview below (The RP’s stunning announcement comes about 12 minutes in):

While Bryant accurately noted in the interview that 2037 is not an election year, the RP neglected to respond that his ticket’s top policy goal is to amend the state constituion to hold a gubernatorial election in 2037. 

Platform position #2 is to bring back the electric chair…for politicians who use online petitions

Plank 3, devised by Lt. Governor candidate Brown, is to implement voluntary furloughs, up to 30 days, for high school students:  Brown explained, “In these tough economic times, it is important for all of us to share some of the sacrifice.”

Stay tuned to RPTV  for all of the latest news on the 2037 campaign…


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