Ashley Judd Can Win — Jonathan Miller writes for Newsweek/The Daily Beast

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This morning, Newsweek/The Daily Beast published the RP’s column: “Ashley Judd Really Can Win a Senate Run Against Mitch McConnell.”  Here’s an excerpt:

All politics isn’t local. It’s far more intimate. Politics is rip-off-the-bandage emotion.  It’s high school melodrama on HGH.

Especially here in the South, all politics is personal.

Simple human nature may best explain why the prospect of actress Ashley Judd disrupting the otherwise inevitable reelection of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has provoked the ire of so much of Kentucky’s political chattering class. Consultants whom Judd hasn’t consulted call her potential bid a “catastrophe” and a “fantasy.” Political wags who haven’t been granted an audience term her record exploitable as “too liberal for Kentucky.” Big donors whom she hasn’t called complain about not being wooed.

Of course, a Judd campaign would ultimately require the ego-stroking and back-scratching that bind the fabric of our personal brand of politics.

But it’s a different character of human connection that provides the actress with a legitimate chance to topple the state’s most disciplined and effective political strategist of our era. And it’s why the famously sober and calculating McConnell machine is acting so concerned.

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