RPTV: My Home Energy Rehab, Part 4

It’s what you’ve been up late nights awaiting…

The final episode of the RP’s classic quadrology (is that the next step after trilogy?): Part 4 of his home energy rehab.

If you missed Parts 1-3, the audit and the rehab, which includes some exciting film of the geothermal work done on the Miller Home, click here.

In Part 4, Jamie Clark of Arronco leads the RP through the final stages of the rehab, and then through the quality assessment, made possible by the Kentucky Home Performance program.

If I’ve inspired you to explore an energy efficiency rehab at your own residence, and you live in Kentucky, we have a great new program called KY Home Performance – that I’m using for my own home — which provides low-interest loans or generous rebates to KY citizens. You can find out more here.

If you live in the region, amd you’d like to specifically contact Jamie Clark of Arronco — who is both the contractor of the rehab as well as the tour guide of this film — go to this link. Arronco can install geothermal, as well as the more traditional electric and gas rehab work, in an extraordinarily affordable and environmentally-friendly way.

If you live outside of Kentucky, click here for a US Department of Energy site that provides links to programs in all 50 states.

So, without further ado, here is Part 4 of RPTV’s My Home Energy Rehab:


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