Lauren Mayer: Finally, Some Bipartisan Agreement

The two parties seem even farther apart these days, between the fiscal cliff negotiations falling apart and all the other standard political standoffs.  But the sort-of-good news is that there’s finally an issue on which there is some bipartisan agreement.  Once the NRA came out with its ludicrous ‘solution’ to school shootings, there were several moderate Republicans joining in the call for the type of things that even most NRA members agree on (more effective background checks, enforcing current laws, banning high-capacity ammo clips and assult-style weapons).  Of course, the NRA has subsequently refused even to discuss anything relating to guns – but I am heartened by the number of politicians on both sides who are standing up to the gun lobby and saying, whoah, hold on, banning terrorist watch-list suspects from buying a gun is not an assult on your 2nd Ammendment rights (and that’s presuming the founding fathers meant not just muskets, but semi-automatic assult rifles?)

So I’m heartened by the beginning signs of bipartisanship – even though it may be more like becoming friends with that co-worker you’re not crazy about, but you’re united in your mutual loathing of the boss.  Still, it’s a start.  However,  I’m also terrified at the prospect of a society in which we need armed guards in every classroom.  (Of course, I’m a wimp – I can’t even watch mildly scary movies)  So here’s a song imagining how we’d explain this to our kids . . . )


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