Rod Jetton Discusses The Recovering Politician’s Twelve Step Program to Survive Crisis on KSMU Radio

Rod Jetton appeared on KSMU Radio to discuss The Recovering Politican’s Twelve Step Program to Survive Crisis.

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Here’s the summary:

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Two former Missouri politicians who were once mired in scandal have now written a book together. As KSMU’s Jennifer Davidson reports, the book is garnering some national attention.

Rod Jetton, former speaker of the Missouri House, and Jeff Smith, a former state senator, co-authored “The Recovering Politician’s Twelve Step Program to Survive Crisis.” Several other former politicians contributed chapters as well.

Jetton pleaded guilty two years ago to a misdemeanor assault, admitting he struck a woman in the face and choked her during rough sex. Smith spent a year in prison after pleading guilty to lying about a campaign violation.

Jetton says he was approached by the book’s editor, Jonathan Miller, about taking part.

“And he said, ‘You know, I think you really ought to tell your story. And we could put a nice little book together that could really help some folks who may be going, or going to go through some kind of crisis or scandal. [They could] have some concrete plans and techniques on how to handle it, and also learn that, no matter how their situation turns out, they can overcome it and still lead a happy, successful life,’” Jetton said.

Jetton’s chapter is about how to apologize for the mistakes you made. He says his troubles started when he spent all of his time working, and put his family on the back burner, which led him to make poor choices. Today, Jetton lives in Poplar Bluff and works for a surveying and engineering company that specializes in rural communities. He says his faith and family are his top priorities now.


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