Loranne Ausley: What a Difference 3 Months Make!

I have just re-read my inaugural post from April 27, 2010 and it is hard to believe that only 3 months have passed.   Way back in April I was trying to figure out what to do with all of the extra time on my hands, struggling with being on the “other side of the fence” and in a general state of malaise as I watched the Florida legislature dismantle everything that I care about.


In the past 3 months, I have joined my  husband’s law firm, and started a new statewide progressive research and messaging effort.  Our son has graduated from 2nd grade,  I have completed 6 triathlons, and we have driven across the country.


There really is nothing like a cross country road trip.   I set off with a dear friend from law school and our two sons (ages 8 and 9) from Atlanta in late June.  Our final destination was Driggs, ID, but we took THE LONG WAY.  I mean what fun is a cross country trip without crashing on a friend’s couch  (at age 47 with my 8 year old) and  doing a half ironman (in Lubbock, TX during a heat wave/drought)?   Nine days and over 3,000 miles later we made it to our final destination with a van load full of laughs and memories.


While my last post was written from a remote barrier island in Florida, today I am writing from the western side of the Grand Teton range – looking at what I believe is the most beautiful view of The Grand Teton — from the back side.  I could stare at that mountain all day long – and sometimes I do.  Something about the wide open plains that reveal themselves to the dramatic, majestic Tetons has always been magical to this flatlander.  It doesn’t hurt that the average high temperature out here is about 85 while the rest of the country is suffering through a major heat wave.


One of the highlights of this trip has been the opportunity for our 8 year old to attend a Rock & Roll Music Camp out here.  While the camp is for entering 6th graders and up, they made an exception and let Will participate (thanks to pushy mom who insisted he could handle it…before I told them he was legally blind).    


He is an accomplished drummer – has been playing since he was 2, and is in a grown-up band at home. The camp is an intensive 5 days of music, theory and rehearsal, but most of all they learned how to get along with each other. On Day One, they divide the kids up by instruments, age and musical taste, and each group of 4 has to come up with a band name, pick out a few songs and be prepared for a final concert on Friday.  Can you imagine how the 3 high schoolers felt when their drummer shows up……tiny 8 year old with glasses and BOTH PARENTS holding his hands?  Can you imagine how we felt – dropping him in a room in a high school with 3 high school aged rock & rollers?


I tried to assure them that he was a good drummer, but they were certainly not convinced.  We finally left and let them sort it out……and it is amazing what kids can do.  By lunchtime, he had commanded their respect on the drums, and THEY were holding his hand helping him get around the school.  By Tuesday, he was on the stage at lunch jamming in front of the whole camp, and the 3 kids in his band were saying…’That’s OUR drummer”!  And on Friday, the band officially known as “Go Make Me A Sandwich” rocked the house:

So yes, a lot has happened in 3 months.   On the political front, my home state of Florida is in a pretty tough place, and I have grave concerns about the Florida we are leaving for future generations.  Meanwhile, we are all watching the debt ceiling debacle with disbelief.  As depressing and frightening as these two scenarios are for my state and our nation, at the moment there is not much I can personally do about either, so I am spending some time getting my own life in order.


I have a purpose – I am helping my husband grow his intellectual property practice, I am working on a project that I believe is going to help change the political landscape in Florida, and most importantly I am being a mom in a very important time in my son’s life.


I wouldn’t trade these times for anything…..



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