Loranne Ausley: The Southern Project

In the past few weeks we have heard a lot of discussion about the demographic shifts that played so prominently in this election.  While it has prompted some discussion (The New Republic), Sunday’s article in the New York Times may have said it best:
“If the Democrats are going to be a true majority party, they will need to build a coalition in all 50 states. So rather than see the South as a lost cause (pun intended), the Democratic Party and liberals north and west of us should put a lid on their regional biases and encourage the change that is possible here.”
We all know that change is possible here which is why we have joined together to create The Southern Project.

Many of you joined our official launch in Charlotte, or have had the opportunity to participate in subsequent conversations in Washington, DC or in Boca Raton before the final presidential debate.    We are working on a state by state plan which will include significant post election analysis  to  help drive pre-legislative session agenda research in key southern states, starting in Virginia, and continuing our work in Florida and North Carolina.    We will be in touch with you as this research and analysis becomes available, and as we look for ways to make sure this research is actionable across the south.

I’m truly honored by the group of people who have joined us in building this project and look forward to our work together. 


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