#TeamRP vs. #TeamJYB3 Fitness Challenge, Week 3

Fitness Challenge



My New Year’s New Dietary Math Resolution.

Or what dieters can learn from economists

“Constant dollars” is terms describing income after adjustment for inflation, as opposed to “Actual dollars.”

Inflation (monetarily speaking) is about 2-3% a year. Weight increase follows a similar metric throughout life.

So, for example, if someone weighs, say, 190 pounds and gains, say, 4 pounds for the year….when adjusted for weight inflation, there is no “net” weight gain.

In terms of “real pounds” Sure, there may be some additional “actual pounds” but those have to be accounted for properly and haven’t been by most dieticians in the past—who obviously lack an understanding of econometrics.

InflationSo, for example, this year, I actually lost one pound (when adjusting for inflation). I’m not commenting on “actual pounds” because they are no longer relevant to a more realistic and obviously much more sophisticated understanding of human weight measurement.


After spending the first three weeks of my diet traveling and celebrating the holidays, I got ready to weigh myself.

Stepped on the scales.

And decided that “It could be worse” should actually be result that should register on my scales .


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