John Y’s Musings from the Middle: UFOs and Atheism

I guess you could call them Atheist Enthusiasts. Seems like a growing group of people these days like to take on the Big Guy and prattle on and on about it.

I think it makes them feel powerful. How couldn’t it? I hardly ever win an argument with my wife. I can’t imagine what it would feel like feeling like I won argument against God.

jyb_musingsI just don’t understand people who like to gab on and on about what they don’t believe in. Makes me suspicious….like they are trying to convince themselves more than those they are lecturing.

I mean….I don’t believe in UFOs but I don’t go around telling people about it everyday. It just never occurs to me because I am at peace with it.

Which makes me wonder if atheist enthusiasts who also don’t believe in UFOs create groups and write books about not believing in UFOs. If so, I want to be clear I am not in that group of UFO non-believers…but in the more dignified group that doesn’t believe in UFOs.


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