John Y’s Musings from the Middle: That’s Hot!

That's HotImagine Paris (“That’s hot”) Hilton commenting, “That’s so luke warm.”

A middle-aged friend finalized his divorce recently and I tried my hand, feebly, at matchmaking.

In describing him to a divorcee woman I work with I tried to buikd him up to her.

She asked half-jokingly with a smirk, “So, is he hot?”

jyb_musingsThat caught me off guard and I recovered with this failed response.

“I wouldn’t say hot in the conventional sense of the word.. but a more middle aged kinda hot. Like something that you made to eat two days ago that gets heated up and you are pleasantly surpried to find it is still edible. Sooo, kind of hot but in the warmed-over sense. Which can be good. Like pizza.”


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