John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Sports Metaphors

You know how in business we love to use sports metaphors?

You know what I mean.

We are getting the deal “across the goal line” or go for a “Hail Mary pass” strategy since there are no “slam dunks.”

And so on.

I wonder if professional athletes use business slang to drive home their points when talking sports strategy?

For example, inside a football huddle is it likely the quarterback looks at the wide receiver and says “I am reaching out to you because I am calling our new out-of-the-box synergistic play that we have had in beta. On three, go long but stay on my radar screen until I am ready to ping you!  If you score, you and I are going to haveot of face time externally and internally. Are you ready to move things to he next level?”

I hope not.


jyb_musingsContinuing with my business managers  sometimes over use of sports analogies…..

In most every sport you have highlight reels that celebrate the most extraordinary plays of the season.

Don’t over think this. Just say the first examples that pop into your mind.

“Name the three greatest conference calls you have ever been on.”

If I am truly and brutally honest with myself I can only think of two—again showing the imperfect analogue between sports and business.


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