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Our planet’s one great differentiator.

If there are other–and more advanced planets–in our universe, they may well be smarter and more technologically advanced and may even have wiped out disease, but there is no way that any planet has faster drive-thru service at fast food restaurants than we do here on planet Earth.


Today is April 20th.

And I am really excited.


It’s not a holiday or my birthday or anyone else’s birthday who is really close to me. In fact, nothing special has ever happened to me on April 9th –in 50 years.

But it’s about time something did.


jyb_musingsDaddy’s little helpers

A regular cup of coffee used to be enough to get me going in the morning but nowadays I need a large coffee with a shot of espressp at around 645am and to be late going somewhere by 655am.

Being late causes my body to excrete cortisal and adrenaline –and is cheaper than Starbucks–and by 7am I am super amped up and damn near frantic.

And ready to greet the day.


Today, for my success strategy, I am going to try to tap into my inner Forrest Gump.


About as perfect as I will ever be… is to be imperfect with my sleeves rolled up.

Which is a good definition of being perfectly human. And trying to do a little better.


Being over 50 is a lot like being the owner of a retail store and suspecting that a certain product should be discounted—but not discounting it and hoping no one notices.


10154390_10154063969215515_5221296883408629443_nSome things –like what you notice is listed at the bottom on your iPod–you hope others don’t notice, too.

I admit it. I downloaded “U Cry.” And listen to it sometimes when no one else is around.



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