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I propose a single day each year to celebrate Hallmark Card Day—-recognizing our former predilection to buy an over-sized schmaltzy card multiple times each year with a sentiment designed and written by other people that we claim to have ourselves and then give to someone else.

But not commemorate it with a Hallmark card. Just an electronic message we post.

Happy Hallmark Card Day!


If you find you are looking down on someone right now, find someone instead to look up to.

And if you can’t think of anyone, just look up. It’s easier to find such a person that way than when looking down.


It is hard coming to grips with the fact that you are an old dog with old tricks….and that learning any new tricks now really is a pain in the ass.


jyb_musingsI am so mad at someone right now who has wronged me that I am thinking about talking behind their back!!

Oh wait! The person I am mad it is actually myself.

This is going to be awkward.

I am going to need a two-way mirror at a minimum


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