John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Pre-PO’d

jyb_musingsIt’s a nice Saturday but I am not in quite as good a mood as I feel like I should be given it is a Saturday and it’s nice weather outside.

But I am not in a bad mood either.

It is what I call a “Pre-pissed off” mood (PPO). I am happy and calm but I get the feeling someone or something is going to piss me off soon — so I go ahead and prepare myself mentally and emotionally for that happening (in case it does).

I don’t like being caught off guard when someone or something pisses me off. This way I prevent that from happening. But I am left feeling on the verge of being pissed-off.

I prefer to think of myself as vigilant today. Which does make me a little irritable. Really “anticipatorily irritable.” At least I will be ready today when something irritating happens.

But other than that I am having a good day.


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