John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Possibilities

There is always the possibility of a tomorrow to do what is called for today

And the past is part of the present, too, but never the most important part.

So today I will live. But not too narrowly. I don’t want to miss important signs trying to guide me.

A good day for me includes working hard, living intensely, standing still, and retreating more than once into play.

A good day includes busyness and routine but also just enough down time to tempt trouble but resisting it joyfully.

jyb_musingsLaughing is essential. Sadness may be too. Sharing always is necessary, personally and materially.

Take enough for yourself but give back just a little bit more, unless you don’t have it to give. Then take more for today

Be somebody’s hero and somebody else’s servant.

And do both well. Without acknowledging you are doing either.

Be grateful for what you have; grateful for what you have had taken away; and most of all grateful for what is still left, today.

Today is enough. And not too much.

We are, at the end of it all, painting by numbers. But don’t stress out over getting the numbers right. That’s not the point -although we always forget that.

The main thing is the colors that each of us chose for the picture of our lives that we paint a little bit of each day. And today’s little piece of the bigger picture is more important than we think …but is, ironically, most important with how it fits into the bigger picture of our lives–which we can’t see.

Think generally; act specifically; and play with all the pieces. Each piece has a place to fit that fills out the richest details of our life’s big picture and without the little something is missing .

And even though we can’t see the big picture we are painting, it is the only important job we have to do each day. And can only be painted by us today–using old colors we know and new colors we invent.


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