John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Parenting

Do we parents really raise our children?

Or do they secretly really raise us?

Some days I feel like Rod Serling will step out from the next room and start explaining this entire hoax — that all along our children have patiently and lovingly been guiding  us into adulthood. And as the youngest approaches age 18, facing the horrifying feeling that you are not ready for her to leave because you are not yet fully an adult.


Parenting and job classifications

jyb_musingsIf I had to pick the two professions that best align with the traditional mother and father roles….

I would say for mothers it would be Life Coach.

For fathers I would say Talent Agent.

Ironically, fathers often secretly believe they are a Life Coach to their wives. While wives are convinced they are really like a Talent  Agent to the husband.

And kids assume their job has always been Life Coach for both parents.


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