John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Our Deepest Fear

I heard the most inspirational and insightful quotation the other day and have been trying to recall it specifically. It’s called “Our Deepest Fear” and goes something like this.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate or will fail.

We may fail, we may be inadequate, or even a loser.

But that’s not the important point. Not by a long shot.

Something else–another point that is eluding me at the moment–is an even more important point. And it’s very inspirational too.

Oh yeah, it says we’ll succeed even if we fail.


Because to simply believe in yourself is …. while not technically “success” per se…. it is something we can all do that is positive and makes success more likely over time.

We should do this daily. And if we want to tell others, that’s probably OK too. But tell ourselves for sure. In the mirror each morning.

Most of all don’t fear failure because….it’s just wrong to. It’s wrong. Don’t even think about it. OK?

It’s not even important to know why you shouldn’t fear failure. Just know that you shouldn’t –and I remember that part of the message in the quote very clearly.

(If you have to know, email me and I’ll try to find out the answer. But for now please just go with it. This is the best I can do and I’m on sort of a roll now…and I do remember the last part verbatim.”

Main point: Don’t fail–or fear failure –because you are really afraid of success. That’s the absolute worst. Just terrible. Don’t do it.

And one last thing: The capacity we have for fearing failure because of fearing success even more—which is really true for a lot of people. really. I’m serious. Well, that fear is a powerful force beyond all measure.

I mean we have the ability to overcome that fear because of a powerful force beyond all measure. That’s inside of us or something.

OK, I didn’t remember the last part verbatim.

But you get the general idea, right?

Isn’t it great? Just what I needed this morning. And if you’ve read this far, probably what you needed too.

Don’t thank me. Just “pay it forward.” Share this with a friend. That’s thanks enough for me.

Look out world. Here I–no, here we— come!


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