John Y’s Musings from the Middle: Mullholland Drive…in Louisville

It’s 6:57 AM on Mullholand Drive in the East End of Louisville.

I have over slept. Again. And this blonde dame keeps waking me up and telling me she’s made me a cup of Joe and that I am late and she’s not waking me up again.

She’s a looker alright. Nice voice. But with a motherly sort of tone. And makes a mean cup of Joe.

Yeah, that’s right. She’ s not just another long-legged blonde dame trying to make it through another overcast windy day in this two bit city. She’s got normal length legs. Not long ones. But as for the rest of the description, it’s dead on. And this wasn’t going to be just another ordinary day.

I had a dentist appointment because I hadn’t had a teeth cleaning in 8 months and was getting an oil change for the first time in 7000 miles.

Yeah, I live on life’s edge not by choice. But because it’s the only way this kid has ever known how to live.

jyb_musingsOh yeah, and that normal length legged blonde beauty I was telling you about? That’s my wife. That’s right. And that’s Mrs Brown to you, pal.

And she was serious about not waking me up again and now was getting really irritated with my little game of narrating this Wendesday morning like I was a narrator in a 1950s Film Noir movie.

She’d had enough. See? See? And, frankly, so had I.

For now anyway.


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